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Small Business Tax Preparation

Each year nearly 23 million small business tax returns are filed, accounting for $1.32 trillion in revenue.*

If you are one of the 23 million people that file a small business tax return you may have a lot of questions on what you can deduct, and where it should go.

I hear from clients all the time, how they were told they could deduct this or could not deduct that, I explain to each client what can actually be deducted and why other expenses can not be used.  I have several resource books and websites that we can use to find every deduction possible, and I love to research when something new comes up.  I will always find the answer, if I don't know it right away, using verifiable, reliable sources.  

As the former wife of a owner/operator, I have extensive knowledge in doing returns for both company and owner/operator truck drivers, and have developed a bookkeeping service specifically

for my owner/operator clients.

I have also prepared returns for small businesses such as in-home daycare centers, Online Retailers, "Home Party" retailers, Salon owners, and many more.  



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