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The following list includes common items needed during the tax filing process.

Items Listed In "BOLD ITALIC" Type Is Required.

If you are unsure if particular documents are needed or not play it safe and bring it with to your appointment.

Personal Information:
  • "Full Legal Name" of Each Person Listed on Return (Including Dependents)

  • "Social Security Number" of Each Person on the Return (Including Dependents)

    • Please bring Social Security Cards​

  • "Birthdate" of Each Person on the Return (Including Dependents)

  • Current Mailing Address

  • Current Phone Number

  • Email Address



Income Statements:
  • W-2

  • 1099-Misc

  • Unemployment Earnings (1099-G)

  • K-1

  • Interest Statements (1099-INT)

  • Social Security Statements (SSA-1099)

  • Gambling Winnings (1099-G)

  • Stock/Bonds reporting (1099-DIV, 1099-B)

  • Cancellation of Debt (1099-C)

  • Any other income statements or records

Expense Records:
  • Mileage Records

  • Receipts for Business Expenses

  • Personal Expense Records

  • Medical Expense Records

Other Statements:
  • Student Loan Interest Paid

  • Tuition Statement (1098-T)

  • "Closing Statements" from Home Purchase

  • Mortgage Interest Statement (1098)

  • Certificate of Rent Paid (MN, WI residents)

  • Charitable Contribution Records or Receipts

  • Daycare Expenses

  • School Supply Receipts

  • Proof of Health Insurance (1095-A, 1095-B, 1095-C)

  • HAS/FSA Records

  • IRA Contributions (Outside of Payroll Deductions)

  • Vehicle Tab Renewal

  • Purchase Agreement for Large Purchases (Examples: Car, ATV, RV, Motorcycle​)


Other Things To Bring:
  • Copy of Prior Year Return (New Clients Only)

  • Direct Deposit Information (Routing and Account Number)

  • Proof of Eligibility to Claim Children (If Eligible)

    • Most common forms: Birth Certificate, custody paperwork, adoption/placement paperwork. ​

  • Proof of Identification (Drivers License)

*The Above List is NOT All Inclusive.

*Please Note: Any Information PROVIDED OR NOT PROVIDED is the Responsibility of Taxpayer to Prove in the Course of a Governmental Audit.

*It is the taxpayers responsibility to VERIFY their return and all its contents.

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