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Lists  & Forms

If you are getting ready to file your taxes make sure to print off this checklist.  It is a list of the most common items needed when filing a tax return. 


This list is not all inclusive and not everything on it may pertain to each person.  If you have any questions contact my office.


If you are sent a form and are not sure what it is, bring it with and we can discuss it during your appointment.

Intake Form
This form is for clients who want to submit their taxes to be prepared rather than have an appointment.  It is a detailed intake form with all the information that will be needed to file your return.

Instructions for submitting required documentation is provided on the form as well as in the confirmation email you receive.

Tax Tip

If you itemize on your return, here is a list of common items that can be deducted:

  • Mortgage interest 

  • Real Estate Taxes

  • Medical Expenses (including: glasses and contacts, dental work, copays. health insurance premiums, mileage to all appointments, and prescriptions)

  • Taxes paid on a new vehicle 

  • Tab Renewals

  • Mortgage insurance

  • Points paid on new home

  • Charitable contributions (includes cash and non-cash donations as well as mileage for charitable purposes)

  • Gambling Loses (up to winnings)

  • Investment Expenses

This list is not all inclusive and some items have income limits.  If you have questions about something you think can be deducted, call my office!

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