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Price Lock Guarantee

I Offer a Price Lock Guarantee for All Returning Clients.

Even if I Raise My Prices, the Price to Prepare Your Return Will NOT Increase. 

  • Price Lock is good for clients returning in consecutive years.

  • This does not apply if there is a gap in service years.

Tax Returns 
*Prices May Vary

My  fees are based per form

  • This is for ALL tax returns.

  •  Price Will VARY  Depending on Each Individual or Business Tax Situation.




Listed Below Are -

Most Common Tax Forms and Associated Prices:

Base Price - (1040): $150

  • Includes:

  • State Returns

  • Property Tax and/or Renters Credit Refunds

  • E-file 



List Below Are Forms/Schedule IN ADDITION to the Base Price Listed Above: 

Itemizing - (Schedule A):


Self Employment - (Schedule C ):

$30 (per Schedule)

Earned Income Credit:


Dependent Child Return Preparation:






  • Please note: This is NOT an Inclusive List and the Price of Your Return May Be Higher If You File Additional Forms That are NOT Listed Above

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